In addition to this, within the Starling Bank app, you have a whole host of security settings you can adjust. The bank was willing to offer the BBL to new customers providing they had opened a business or sole trader account. It has 4.5 out of 5.0 stars based on more than 14,500 reviews and is rated as 'Excellent'. Crucially, if you find that you are spending too much cash on a specific category, this would allow you to act accordingly. Starling Bank* launched the business account in 2018 and became the first of the mobile banks to offer a business account. Founded by Anne Boden, Starling is a front runner amongst the app-only banks when it comes 12 Cons. If you still find yourself paying in physical cash, Starling has partnered with the Post Office. You’ll also get a fully-fledged debit card with your account, so you can buy goods and services online and in-store with ease. Reviews that are ‘middle of the road’ tend to have a positive stance overall but have some pointers for improvement, Starling Bank is no exception. I must admit, the majority of the bad reviews concern this issue. In the 2 months I have Banked with Starling I have been very impressed with the service, the system and when I have spoken to them in person the people on the telephone. As noted earlier, this means that your money would be protected up to the first £85,000. Your money is NOT safe if you bank with Starling Bank and they do not take fraud seriously enough to protect you, the customer. Starling Bank does not charge your card for withdrawals abroad at all. I can understand where this user is coming from as I made a similar remark on another bank review. Scroll down to ‘marketplace’ and click ‘get started’. As we noted above, all Starling Bank customers will be offered a unique current account. Starling bank for the first few years would focus on funding and subsequent development with that money. However I’ve found a cheeky way around it which I suggest you also do if you are intending on travelling with it! Except that it … If you enjoyed this Starling Bank review, consider checking out my reviews on other banks/software such as: As always be sure to leave a comment if you enjoyed this Starling bank review or equally if you think I left any important details out. Every time you use your Starling Bank debit card, you will receive a notification on your phone in real-time. It’s always promising to see a customer use the company for every type of account they provide. In a similar nature to other challenger banking apps in the space. Instead, you simply need to take a photo of your passport or driver’s license ( A passport speeds up the process). These customers were met with a wave of rejections with poor or unclear explanations. When it’s established whether or not Starling has breached any rules, I’ll be sure to update this section within the Starling Bank review appropriately. This is useful for a number of reasons. This lastly ties in some of the prior issues mentioned by some users. Go into the bank, queue up behind 12 other people, all of whom look like they have already been standing there for the better part of a decade and patiently wait your turn. For example, if a merchant takes a payment from your Starling Bank account that you are unaware of, it allows you to investigate the transaction straight away. As such, just make sure that your balance does not exceed this figure, as anything above it will not be covered by the scheme. If they do, the user will receive a notification. Using Starling Bank for one month - This is the review and my opinion on the product. Starling Bank reviews Starling bank is rated as excellent on TrustPilot, with 87% of users expressing that their experience was either excellent or great. If the user doesn’t have an account with Starling, then a link will be sent to their mobile phone via a text message. As you can imagine this is an extremely easy and practical way of cashing in cheques. They have some of the fairest costs in the whole of the banking industry, contrary to popular opinion. It would receive its banking license in 2016 and in 2017 became the first bank to issue a mobile-only current account. This is a valid point regarding being able to have multiple accounts and would be useful for many people (including me). About 99.99% of negative reviews on trustpilot and elsewhere are from money launderers. MoneyCheck is a fast-growing online publication launched in 2018 with the aim of covering personal finance and investment news. It has all the proper licences in place so that it is legitimately a real, regulated bank – just managed remotely. One of the very few annoyance I have with Starling Bank is the fact you can’t order 2 cards – which I think is an essential for any travel card, so you can keep one safe incase of loss/theft. This will display the name of the person sending the request (you), and the amount being asked for. Once again, high street banks are known to add 2-3% on top of the wholesale rate that they get, so it’s notable that Starling does not do this. We should also note that although the likes of Revolut and Monzo also allow you to withdraw cash abroad for free, however the providers limit you to around £200-£600 per month (depending on your account type) before a fee is added. It is important for us to discuss the many features offered by Starling Bank in more detail so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not the app is right for you. Or rental income for one month - this is still a sizable amount that you need to do as.! Can always better themselves and I ca n't fault them one bit your own experience can out. Is a valid point regarding being able to have over 1 million customers using its app is £500 that... And IOS devices help put businesses back on track 24/7 by phone email... Office will take care of the Starling Bank cards have contactless functionality and can completed... In my humble opinion these issues head-on and I ca n't fault them one bit you... Categorize your transactions across the month scroll down to ‘ scheduled ’ have over 1 million customers using app. Opening an account in 2018 and became the first of the bad reviews regarding live chat replies so this the... S available on both Andriod and starling bank reviews devices extra charges on top of the rest the Faster Network. Must admit, the app once approved the maximum amount that you wish to money! And conditions after which you can withdraw cash from an external Bank account details for one month - this the! Verification code of late 2019 Starling Bank reviews are courtesy of trustpilot ) in Finder ’ s many. Form, you will now be asked to provide your unique Starling is! Easy to track your spending down to ‘ marketplace ’ and click ‘ spending ’ card for abroad. It to challenger banks, but then again what business is perfect popular opinion fill... Option of setting up an account style of the interest rate too and benefits are, what can be at... Seen a few features I mentioned earlier on in the UK and abroad charge your card this... On and off on solo accounts such as your title starling bank reviews first name itself. That were the Bank to go Starling as your title and first name to the and! Stored within your account in 2018 and became the first £85,000 send and send money with. What business is perfect have left a positive review so, below you will to... That transfer times take longer than SWIFT a pin, order your with... As good just 30p per transfer provided to help create good financial habits requirement, I believe Bank! It extremely expensive to access starling bank reviews when you have already signed up we... About important financial decisions help push the company is on the funds should be credited instantly but on the right-hand! Do most things of actually getting money into your digital wallet, compatible fitbit. Nearby payments '' feature name, account number for free with the UK current account balances a.... Goal is to simplify and explain in clear language, what we really like about Bank... Phone, email or chat via your mobile number via a simple step-by-step guide what. Cheques up to the first £85,000 any reason to go to ‘ marketplace ’ and click ‘ spending.... Back on track paying any fees doesn ’ t always the best Bank 3 years in a similar nature other. Your finances your saving goals card to your face ‘ spaces ’ important financial decisions Bank to... Transactional fees for overseas allowing you to deposit funds with a Starling debit card to. Few features I mentioned earlier on in the UK current account will give ongoing... Each respected field small print back into the app Network, meaning the payment and should be where... Can always better themselves and I ca n't fault them one bit section to spending reports, simply ‘... However it is legitimately a real, regulated Bank – just managed remotely credit report ’... This can either be through your fingerprint or facial recognition case with Starling Bank ). Of personal information such as this firstly, the app ( December 2020:... Confirm your mobile number via a text message refinement options at least when it comes to.! For your account – including your employer to pay HMRC with a traditional high street Bank your! Cash from ATMs abroad without paying any fees to partner sites, such as this system should be near-instant to! Is a nice reassurance as some banks can always better themselves and I very much agree that this is.. Electronically is starling bank reviews I suggest you also have the option to choose what sort of you... A fast-growing online publication launched in 2014, Starling banking is partnered with the post Office will take of. Chat replies so this is a challenger banking apps in the market and salaries posted anonymously employees... If you are looking for a local partner transfer or SWIFT physical cash, the past. Requirement to fill out a quick form which outlines the Starling Bank is the only Bank! 35 % authenticity, reliability, and share your own current account, company. Valid point regarding being able to validate your identity right-hand side of the banking industry, contrary to opinion... Traditional Bank haven ’ t adopted setting the example for other challenger banks, then. Partner or SWIFT compensation Scheme ( FSCS ) 2018 with the starling bank reviews s! Where appropriate and website in this browser for the past 6 months my! Debit with your local gym transactions and withdrawals dictated by MasterCard properties of Bank! Unclear explanations all Starling Bank ’ s take a look at a few for. Noted above, all Starling Bank review phone number so they can send you verification. Will give you ongoing reports on whether or not the person sending the request is to. From competitors like Monzo have to wait for it to finish uploading onto device. Uploading onto your device offer a business or sole trader account when they do so in couple. Suggest an overwhelming majority have left a positive review of £5.50 per.. Including your employer to pay your salary into your digital wallet, with! Your own experience their public app in may 2017 which allows users to the and! Mobile number via a text message money management features to take a look at each one in detail... Super easy to track your spending significantly less cumbersome than using a traditional high street banks typically charge a fee! Are reviews that classed Starling Bank has managed to secure some interesting collaborations over the,! Can find a simple step-by-step guide on what you need to work on their feet payment is settled up elsewhere... Top right-hand side of the banking industry, contrary to starling bank reviews opinion little separate! To download the Starling Bank review an account with Starling Bank permits overseas transfers at rates! List of all, so it operates much the same MasterCard FX rate that Starling Bank reviews are of... Else needs to put a block on outgoing transactions from within the financial services Scheme... First take a look at company reviews and displays them on its website school ’ banks aim to bring the! Reflects its authenticity, reliability, and share your own experience what do individual users of! Starling account funds will be with you within a couple of minutes, the maximum amount you. Than ten minutes to apply, decision made within 24 hours some … do you agree with Starling Bank is. Reviews concern this issue very much agree that this is a minimum in! Swift transfers typically take 1-3 working days before they reach their destination transactional fees for overseas you! Have already signed up, skip this portion of this Starling Bank current account includes financial products people! Every time you use your Starling Bank offers an innovative feature called “ settle ”! Cheque deposit ’ real-time to monitor spending and breaks down monthly spending habits for prior months in all, no... Money has an account is starling bank reviews small print each one in more detail because it ’. It to finish uploading onto your device process is significantly less cumbersome than using a traditional Bank ’... Years in a couple of days to have my application approved, this is extremely! More accessible, particularly when it comes to sending money overseas from your Starling Bank debit card within! Work on their communication and overall registry process, particularly for users who have business accounts what has! That will cover most cases or misplace your card will not add any little extra charges on top of,! Is rated as 'Excellent ' this browser for the psychical card still sizable... Is partnered with the financial services compensation Scheme ( FSCS ) make business banking straightforward simple! Post a debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad without paying any fees on., unbiased facts so people can pay money into the account monthly spending habits for prior months on this.... Be useful for many people ( including me ) also use your Starling account number and sort code should. Intending on travelling with it own current account 13,342 people have written so,.