The stiletto was a finely designed, almost delicate, single-purpose weapon, which did not include a variety of other tasks normally associated with a Machette or Utility Knife. In late 1943 the Raider Stiletto was replaced by the new Marine Corps fighting and utility knife designated 1219C2 (later to become famous as the KA-BAR), a change welcomed by Edson's Marines. Arrives before Christmas. Special Operations Marine Raider MARSOC Detachment 1 Challenge Coin / Navy. From United States +C $26.03 shipping. Original and nice ID'd circa 1942 U.S. Marine Corps Raider issue Stiletto Fighting Knife and its original Sheath. Best Seller in Divers' Knives & Shears. C $1,555.23. thin double edged 7 1/4" bright blade which had etched in the middle of the blade a floral scroll displaying the letters: "usmc" on the blade just ahead of the guard was the makers name "camillus/ cutlery/ co./ camillus/ ny". Everything for sale on is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. Cressi Supertotem Diving Knife - Black. The stiletto knife was the definitive Raider weapon and was strictly a close-quarters stabbing weapon. Shop; SCARCE! The U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto was patterned after the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and was the first knife to be designed by a Marine Corps officer, Lt. Col. Clifford H. Shuey. I will let Tom Williams comment on dates & production quantities. The U.S. Marine Raider stiletto was designed for one purpose: killing the enemy, and its design was not compromised. Pre-Owned. WW2 MARINE RAIDER Stiletto Knife w/ETCH -US Camillus USMC CARLSONS RAIDERS WW II - $869.36. It's perfect for skinning and butchering game animals with its almost 10" blade and fine edge. You see, Camillus Cutlery had made a 50th anniversary WW2 series, (I believe around the same period that they were working on the Marine Raider Stiletto commemorative project), and the same blade that's on my "KaBar style" knife, (blued with gold etching), was used in that series. QTY. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. For Sale USMC Marine Raider Stiletto. Their training focuses on how to grip the knife, such as reverse grip, fencer's grip, ice-pick grip or the hammer grip. FOR SALE! This is a very nice example of the rare Marine Raider Stiletto dagger by Camillus Cutlery Company with correct M6 leather scabbard. 9 3/4" overall. Cole - Type 2" - has no metal plates, but does have the throat staples & lacing eyelet. 19 watchers. The " M.H. These knives were produced by Camillus Cutlery Company of Camillus, New York. Ek Knives have been manufactured since 1941 and battle proven through WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. 4.4 out of 5 stars 518. The knife is named to a marine (whose name is carved onto the scabbard) who served in both D & G companies of the 2nd Marines which were the famous Carlson's Raiders. U.S. Marine Corps Raider Stiletto. The knife once belonged to Master SGT. Get it Wednesday, Dec 16. Folks, I need some assistance with a Raider Stiletto that has been offered to me for sale. Bidders/Collectors: Click here to Sign up for my email newsletters to be 362231909821 I have admired them from afar lets say. The 1950s: folding knives and stiletto switchblades. Unfortunately, Shuey changed some of the material specifications from the F-S Fighting Knife to reduce costs and the demand for strategic materials, which led to durability problems with the Raider Stiletto. The 1074/75 CS blade is tough This is a great historic example that has clearly been carried and used, if you want one of these that has been there and done it, then this is it. 9 3/4" overall. C $774.36 . They also learn the correct soldier's stance, the technique of covering their body, what to do with their shield hand and targets. Shop by category. The U.S. Marine Raider stiletto was a stiletto and combat knife issued to the Marine Raiders and 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during World War II. Shop by category. "Marine Raider" versions. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The original knives had cast zinc handles. An honest and original carried and used USMC Raider Stiletto with original sheath. We are a leading online automatic knife dealer. Strider knives are known throughout the knife world for their high quality. The design was heavily influenced by the British Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife issued to Commando Units. NICE ID'd WWII U.S. MARINE CORPS RAIDER STILETTO FIGHTING KNIFE; SCARCE! Raider Stiletto offered here is in EXCELLENT condition, and is truly one of the finest examples that I have ever seen for sale. Camillus produced the USMC Raider's Stiletto in 1942 and a total of 14,370 knives were made. Ended: Nov 10, 2020. Somehow Commando Daggers and 1911s just naturally go together. 50. Other options New and used from £17.67. We also sell wholesale knives that are great for resale. £22.50 £ 22. It was the first knife designed by a Marine Corps officer and officially issued to a Marine Corps unit. late in 1942, the marine raiders were presented with the raider stiletto fighting knife. WW2 - US - Stiletto Knife: U.S.M.C. After their first combat, many of the Marines in the 2nd Raider Battalion exchanged their Raider stilettos for general-purpose short machetes (machetes pequeños) and hunting knives. USMC Stiletto / Raider Knife : Condition: Used “ An item that has been used previously. I have spoken to a few Marines who often related they traded for a more substantial knife (Kabar) that was more practical. The " M.H. These were made of a pot metal and very often show deterioration; this one does not. Original items: Only One Available. The knife was called US Marine Raider Stiletto. The reproductions had cast pewter handles. 7" double edge dagger blade. All three "M. H. Cole" versions of this scabbard are available to order; other known variants can also be supplied. patterned after the british fairborne sykes fighting knife. Buy It Now. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of ”... Read more. Enter your search keyword ... RARE ORIGINAL WW2 USMC MARINE RAIDER KNIFE STILETTO AND LEATHER SHEATH. If you’re looking for the biggest selection of battle-ready military knives, is your destination. Pack a punch using Ontario Knife Company's SP-10 Marine Raider Bowie Knife. I have my grandfather's Marine Raider stiletto knife, and during World War II, he brought this to Vanguna, which I believe is, uh, the Solomon Islands. Shop by category . Cole - Type 1" - has metal plates, throat staples & lacing eyelet. Apr 19, 2016 - WWII history of the Marine Corps. The stilettos were issued and seen in several training photos but were in reality a poor design and fairly fragile for a field knife. THIS BLADE 934 OVERALL TANG STAMP CAMILLUS NEW YORK U.S.A. Knifemaking Blade stilettos Blade. WWII V-42 type Military Marine Raider Commando Fighting Combat Dagger Knife “SILENT RANGER ” V-42 type Marine Raider Combat Knife! The Marines had a long standing connection with legendary W.E. Other variations of the F-S knife soon emerged, including the U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto, which was based upon the Fairbairn-Sykes knife, and the U.S. V-42 stiletto, designed from the outset to emphasize thrusting over cutting.. The knife is 100% complete, correct and original in every way. Details about USMC Stiletto / Raider Knife See original listing. See more ideas about marine raiders, marine corps, wwii history. The Company name was etched on the blade close to the cross-guard. Only 14,370 stilettos were manufactured by the Camillus Company, which were then issued in 1942 to both the 1st and 2nd Marine Raider Battalions as well as to the Marine Corps 1st Parachute Battalion. Excellent 420J2 Steel Blade! 3.5 out of 5 stars 133. Pakka Wood Handle & Spiked Pommel! The blade of the knives we made were indeed discovered in a 55 gallon drum; they were just blade blanks, not heat treated or ground. Marine Raider Stiletto with M6 sheath . The Marine Raider Stiletto is one of the rarest and most sought-after US combat knives from World War II. This item Ontario Knife Company 8684 SP10 Spec Plus Marine Raider, Fixed 9.75" Blade, Kraton Handle Ontario Knife Company 8679 Sp-1 Combat Knife with Black Nylon Sheath, One Size Mossy Oak Survival Knife, 15-inch Fixed Blade Hunting Bowie Knife with Sharpener and … The story of the Camillus reproduction of the Marine Raider Stiletto is great one! REPRODUCTION Raider Stilettos BLADE IS A remake of the dagger with the molded knurled handle designed by Camillus for the Navy and USMC in WW II. We carry real italian stilettos, cheap stiletto knives, butterfly knives, push button automatics, side opening automatic knives, switchblade knives, brass knuckles and hunting knives. There may be times when a Marine's last line of defense is his knife. These are a very rare knife even now and finding one is difficult. The " M.H. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. It is a modern, custom version of the Marine Corps Raider by Strider knives. NICE ID'd WWII U.S. MARINE CORPS RAIDER STILETTO FIGHTING KNIFE $3,500.00. £22.44 £ 22. Shop by category. I have a knife like the one below from a Marine Raider. this blade is a work in process from the Camillus Knife Factory prior to its going out of business. I have collected a long time and have concentrated on Marine items solely for most of the last decade, but I have never handled one of these nor studied them as much as other areas of my collection. The blade shows honest age and use, but the USMC etchings are basically gone. SEAC Unisex's 0550017520000A Hammer, Knife for Apnea and Scuba Diving, Dagger with Straps, Black, One Size . 44. Extremely well made and infinitely more rugged than the original WW-II versions. … The World War II U.S. Marine Corps stiletto fighting knife that was designed by Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Clifford H. Shuey, basing his design upon the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. The Ek Commando Knife Co. is named in reference to the World War II Allied Commando units, such as the US Marine Raiders, First Special Service Force and British Commandos who were highly respected for their hand-to-hand combat and knife-fighting abilities. Enter your search keyword. The handle is very solid. The U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto was a stiletto issued to the Marine Raiders and 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during World War II.