The drum wednesday 18 april – 21 april

The drum wednesday 18 april – 21 april

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the wedding band

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vom Nederlandse groep 20 july

fond das groep 10 july

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wedding at the museum

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lobbe lange

lobbe lange

the last concert 10 december – 11 december

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drum solo 12 december – 18 december

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Voters get in early to vote in a general election campaign in Richmond, Va

Voters get in early to vote in a general election campaign in Richmond, Va., in this September 2, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/Files

It’s not just Republicans who think the U.S. election system is broken, howev바카라사이트er.

A poll from the Public Religion Research Institute found about 80 percent of Republicans agreed that ther우리카지노e are some instances in which elections are stolen from candidates. That’s up 3 percentage points since June, according to a poll conducted by telephone from May 15 to 17.

Overall, 65 percent of all registered Republicans think the U.S. election system isn’t properly functioning, the 바카라사이트poll found. Nearly 90 percent of GOP voters think the system doesn’t make voting harder for small businesses and poor people.

A total of 79 percent of Republicans said their party should do more to reform the voting system, according to the poll, which was conducted from May 7 to 17 and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points. That means those results are based on the portion of the 1,058 respondents who are registered to vote in the U.S.

Jackson wants unions freed from fair work australia

Jackson wants unions freed from fair work australia


More than two decades after Labor’s state industrial relations laws were established, unions and employers are still struggling.

Labor is campaigning for state industrial relations laws to be brought back into national parliaments as a compromise to create a fairer bargaining environment.

Key points: NSW and Queensland laws have had negative impacts on workplace relations

Victorian Greens leader says Labor has to get on with fixing the industrial relations system in the states

Labor will introduce bill in this state parliament to reform the laws

But for the second time Labor’s industrial relations bill is dead-ended at the last-더킹카지노ditch stage in the Senate.

Labor MP Andrew Leigh of the Palmer United party (PUP) will now stage a “clean up” vote on the Bill in the upper house, ending debate on the contentious bill.

“I’m not suggesting inatyasastra.comt will make us free from the problems of trade unionism any more but we should be seeking to do that,” Ms Leigh said.

He says Labor cannot now return to arguing for the abolition of laws for union members.

“This is more of a political and political battle, it is not a practical one,” he said.

The PUP backed legislation to reduce the number of hours a union member can work.

It has gone through various stages but would have forced employers to pay overtime and the employee to work on a “reasonable” basis, for which most employers agree, it would also have meant all workers would have바카라사이트 the same union status.

Labor says it is on the front foot to fix the system while the opposition says a clean up will not result in a safer working environment.

On a different front, the federal Liberal senator Bob Day will also stage another bill to be introduced within the same year to reform the industrial relations laws in the states and territories.

Labor will introduce the legislation into parliament during the next week.

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